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Pharmacy Opinions - What does YOUR pharmacy say?'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pharmacy Opinions - What does YOUR pharmacy say?

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I currently take 600mg of trileptal, 300 in the morning and 300 at night, and 150mg of risperdal in the morning. I no longer want to be on these meds and want to go off them safely. So I was wondering what a safe way to do this in the fastest possible way. I have looked all over the internet but there is no real information even on what the withdrawal syptoms are. Any help would be appreciated. :)

Results To First Question [ ]

from watertorture -

"I have wellbutrin samples that expired about 2 years ago (some time in 03, i forget the month it says) - now i want to try these out again and really don't want to go to my doctor to ask for some (she's away now, anyhow, and i have them here and feel like why make an appointment if i just want to test out the samples and i have them?) - now, do they just lose potency as they expire? Or does some weird chemical warping happen thus making them dangerous as opposed to just weaker?"

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I would of called more, but the verdict seemed pretty clear. My impression is that taking two-year expired Wellbutrin won't seriously harm you, but it won't do much for you either.

Request Thread [ ]

This is the request thread. Please post all of your medicine question requests here. We will get to them as soon as possible and post your answer in a new thread. One question at a time, please.

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