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from watertorture -

"I have wellbutrin samples that expired about 2 years ago (some time in 03, i forget the month it says) - now i want to try these out again and really don't want to go to my doctor to ask for some (she's away now, anyhow, and i have them here and feel like why make an appointment if i just want to test out the samples and i have them?) - now, do they just lose potency as they expire? Or does some weird chemical warping happen thus making them dangerous as opposed to just weaker?"

Walgreens #1 -" It most likely won't hurt you, it just probably won't have any effect since they expired two years ago."

Walgreens #2 - "They probably won't have any effect."

Walgreens #3 - "They wouldn't be as effective. I don't know if they'd hurt you or not, I'd call Poison Control to find that out, but I know they wouldn't do that much to help you."

Walgreens #4 - "They're expired, so I wouldn't take them."

Walgreens #5 - "We'll never recommend anyone to take any medication that's outdated. It's kind of like food. Sometimes it's alright to eat it if it's past it's expiration date, other times it's not. So I can't really tell you."

CVS #1 - "Yes, you can still take them. That's fine."

CVS #2 - "I definitely wouldn't take anything that's expired, especially two years ago. Two months ago, maybe, but two years? No way."

CVS #3 - "The pharmacist says not to take them, because she has no idea where they've been stored or anything like that."

CVS #4 - "We tell our customers not to take medicine if they got it over a year ago. I doubt they'd be harmful, but I wouldn't recommend it."

CVS #5 - "The pharmacist says that you definitely shouldn't take them."

CVS #6 - "They definitely wouldn't be as effective, and I wouldn't even risk it, it isn't worth it."

CVS #7 - This lady was cracking up....she sounded like a little kid, actually. " shouldn't take expired medicine. Don't do that." (laugh, laugh)

I would of called more, but the verdict seemed pretty clear. My impression is that taking two-year expired Wellbutrin won't seriously harm you, but it won't do much for you either.
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